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  • Ron Heffield

A Wix-ed Surprise

In July of 2017 Earthlink dropped my old email address, so I had to change. I created a new e-dress on Gmail, and everything was hunky dory. Until I attempted make changes in my Wix account (Wix is the great software company that our site runs on). By the time Christmas 2017 rolled around, I could no longer log into my account, nor edit the content. So for more than two years our site has advertised a Missions Conference that happened that December. (BTW, it was great!).

But I could no longer change the site at all. The same old bulletin PDFs were posted on the What's Up page, the same two blog posts languished in Stale-ville. We sunk in the worst predicament into which a website can sink: locked into a time-warp of expired content. VERY frustrating. SURPRISE!

But today, with the encouragement of a good friend, I decided to try again to log on. I experienced the same circular traps of Wix's customer no-service, but found a way to actually get them to call me back and talk to me. Within a 1/2 hour the problem was fixed, and we are back to running a LIVE site! Praise the Lord!

SO, by the Grace of God we will move forward with NEWLIFEINORLANDO.ORG, providing the updates and information you need to keep abreast of what's happening here. We are removing old stuff and replacing it with new as quickly as possible, including our weekly bulletin posted here first, before the first person walks through our doors on a Sunday morning.

I hope you will check back often. We'll try to keep the fresh bread a coming!

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