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Taking Steps

Back in the Spring I faced a small, but significant decision.

Our supply of promotional ballpoint pens had just about run out, about the time an offer came in my email to order some more at a good price. They were inexpensive, but very attractive, would come in our preferred green or blue colors, and they would imprint our name and information for free.

I started going through the order process, but paused at the layout of the imprint. “New Life Community Church.” We had chosen that name nearly 10 years ago as we contemplated our building a new campus on Forest City Road, looking to change “Northside Alliance Church” (Northside of WHAT? Central Florida’s geography had changed a lot since we upgraded from “Grace Falkner Memorial Chapel” in 1983) to something more visionary, more contemporary.

But in the intervening years we have weathered challenge after challenge, including the never ceasing challenge of attrition, folks dying, moving away, or otherwise leaving. We had not been successful at replacing the losses at even a survival rate, and were rapidly coming to a critical point. Would we even be around long enough to pass out 250.

The offer was a good deal, and I was prepared to pay for them myself. The question was whether to have them printed with our logo and information, or just order unmarked pens. Though the cost would be the same

I waivered. Would it be over bold to presume the doors would be open enough Sunday mornings to see 250 imprinted pens go home in the pockets of visitors filling out Welcome! slips and offering envelopes?

Lord, HELP!

Our hope is in the Lord. He is calling us to trust Him for new things, new people, and New Life!

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