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Mercy drops 'round us are falling

At New Life Community Church we like to say "you are under the spout where the blessings come out." A bit awkward grammatically, perhaps, but a good picture of the blessings of the local church.

This is an animated slide from our Intro Loop played before our morning service. (We hope to convert it to a YouTube that we can link to the blog)

The point is that there is nothing like being on location when the church gathers. When the WORSHIP starts and together we "focus attention on God and respond to His glory," PRAISE follows automatically. That's why we say that GLORY is "the shining character of God, reflected in our PRAISE."

The FELLOWSHIP comes naturally too when we are all in the same boat — like the occupants of Noah's Ark.

We want to hear from God's Word, so we focus our attention on Him through PREACHING and TEACHING. A natural response of obedience is GIVING back to the Lord a bit of what He has given to us. And we want to give more than our money, so SERVICE in God's House (and beyond!) lays on our hearts and flows from our hands.

We also believe that PRAYER is the "primary work of God's people, whether in praise, petition, or desperation. And that brings great COMMUNION, both around the Lord's Table (first Sunday of each month) or out in the community.

We can't get these blessings through a TV or computer monitor.


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